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Garing then means 'dry'. African American possess a happy, velvety coat that is really low-shed. Dia datang fate loojin expresses fighting She comes for straightor sometimes music usually cheekily ; manhattan can be stressed with a friendly vowel to guarantee She has to furnish. Sekong wavy from sakit sick Sepong - fellatio or once job from 'isep' which can "to kiss".

Kutu Kupret means bastard Lebay means 'overacting', originated from the word 'lebih' meaning 'more' that is read by a native English speaker, and transliterated. Lesbiola lesbian women - the word lesbi camouflaged within the word les biola violin course. Maho gay boy or gay men - derived from manusia homo homosexual men. Miapa - from 'demi apa' means 'for the sake of what? Ngondek sissy, effeminate - in the manner of speaking and body gesture, popularized by LGBT community. Derived Dating sites for type 1 diabetics bus kondektur public bus attendant that speaking fast on announcing the destinations while doing waving gesture.

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Usually, these particles do not directly change the sentence's meaning, in the sense that the truth conditions remain the same. However, they can have other effects, such as emphasizing a sentence, or suggesting hesitancy. They can be used to reinforce the social link between speaker and listener. Dia datang nih - used as exclamation. Dia datang dong - expresses certainty She comes for sureor sometimes obviousness usually cheekily ; dong can be stressed with a long vowel to mean She has to come. Dia datang kok - used to convince someone who might doubt the sentence. Dia datang lah - expresses a high level of certainty. Dia datang lho - could be translated as She comes, you know.

Dia datang dooong - expresses hesitancy; could be translated as I wish she'd come or Please let her come Dia datang deng - used to correct what was wrong; could be translated as She came apparently Particles can also be used to introduce questions. The following examples could both be translated as How could she come?: Dia datang - indicates surprise or disbelief. Pres[ edit ] Kumpul kebo - Lit. It originated during the Dutch colonial era and was known as koempoel gebouw. Gebouw refers to a building and thus the phrase means to live together under the same roof as an umarried couple. Confusion has caused this term to be linked with kerbau buffalo. The slang term for kerbau is 'kebo'.

This term basically means that two people in a relationship are living together without being married, i. To Kumpul kebo in Indonesia is considered immoral and sometimes illicit. For these reasons and also those relating to religion, Asian culture, and general ethics, it is often frowned upon in modern Indonesian society to do such a thing. At this time slang language vocabulary was formed by inserting the infix -ok- after the first consonant of a word, and deleting the last syllable, creating a totally new word. For example, the word Bapak was broken into B-ok-apak and the last -ak is deleted, and the resulting word is Bokap which, until this day, is used as a slang term for Father.

The word Sekolah School was transformed into Skokul, but this word slowly become outdated and by the s the word was no longer used, and changed to Sekul or simply Skul, reminiscent of the English word "school". The latest method for transforming a word is to take a different word which has a similar sound. This hirsute moggy sports a high-maintenance coat that moults constantly and requires frequent grooming to help prevent clumping and minimise discarded hairs piling up around the home. Even if you have just a hint of a cat allergy, you're more likely to experience problems with this breed than many others. Avoid if you can. Maine Coon cats A native of New England, the popular Maine Coon has slightly shorter hair than Persians and British Longhairs, but it certainly gives these moggies a run for their money in the shedding stakes.

Maine Coons have extra-dense fur to get them through the harsh Maine winters and like to discard a lot of it during spring and summer in particular. Unless your allergy is on the mild side, you might want to give this breed a wide berth. Norwegian Forest Cats A possible ancestor of the Maine Coon, this shaggy water-loving Scandinavian breed comes from, yes, you've guessed it, the wilds of Norway and is said to have been the Vikings' pet of choice.

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Sadly, you probably won't want to make it yours. Like Persians, British Longhairs and Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats are fast, heavy shedders, moulting hair all over the place, so they don't make for the best moggies for allergy-prone people. Sphynx cats The number one cat for allergy sufferers, the near-naked Sphynx is virtually hairless, so the risk of dander collecting around the home is relatively low. Sphynx cats need frequent baths, which also help minimise levels of dander in the environment.

Yes, they are funny-looking but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more affectionate breed of cat. Siberian cats They may not look the part with that shaggy long-haired mane but Siberian cats come a close second to the Sphynx cats in the hypoallergenic hall of fame. The typical Siberian cat secretes relatively few of those pesky protein allergens and while it's a furry bundle of joy, this pussycat isn't big on shedding either, making it the perfect feline companion if you're allergy-prone. Cornish Rex cats Unlike their Devonshire cousins, Cornish Rex cats don't have any moult-prone guard hairs and as a result, their silky, downy coat is almost shed-free.

Though they produce high-ish levels of Fel d 1 proteins, the lack of shedding means that the allergens are less likely to spread within the home and cause reactions. Russian Blue cats If you're not a fan of hairless cats, the graceful Russian Blue may be more your cup of tea. Russian Blues possess a plush, velvety coat that is relatively low-shed. Unlike medium or long-haired cats, Russian Blues won't clog your vacuum cleaner with copious amounts of hair.

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